Gawd Peace(s)
  • Gawd Peace(s)
  • Gawd Peace(s)
  • Gawd Peace(s)


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These Gawd Pieces are one of a kind and look great on anyone at any given time. With 5 amazingly bold colors to choose from and a variety of stones to pair and match with. Creates a wonderful cycle of stunning pieces playing main stage around your neck and sitting comfortably on your chest. Each piece also has its own unique style and character so no one piece is the same as another. Be sure to grab a bundle to pair and stack your pieces to elevate your whole game. Stay GAWDLY


$4.99 each or $12.00 for 3

*Stones have already been matched with the appropriate colored necklace. If there is a custom set you'd like to make for yourself please be sure to contact me via email -

This custom arrangement will come at an additional $2.99 cost to the order.

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