Gawdly Crew Neck Sweater OG Collection



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The Gawdly Crew Neck Sweater is the first piece to introduce the Gawdly Brand. We will be discontinuing the Gawdly Crew Neck Sweaters after the remaining stock has been ordered.

We will be introducing a new collection called the "OG Collection" which will be available next year 2020. This collection will consist of unique pieces. Each piece will be put a short limited stock creating exclusive pieces that will only be available to those who take advantage of the deals and opportunities presented by the Gawdly Brand.

First come first serve. So take advantage of this deal now and become a part of the OG Collection. We're also looking to give everyone who owns an OG Gawdly Crew Neck Sweater a discount on the new OG Collection once it opens in 2020.

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