Gawdly Crew Neck Sweater



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The Gawdly Crew Neck Sweater is the first piece to introduce the Gawdly Brand. We will be discontinuing the Gawdly Crew Neck Sweaters after the remaining stock has been ordered.

We will be introducing a new collection called the "OG Collection" which will be available next year 2020. This collection will consist of unique pieces. Each piece will be put a short limited stock creating exclusive pieces that will only be available to those who take advantage of the deals and opportunities presented by the Gawdly Brand.

First come first serve. So take advantage of this deal now and become a part of the OG Collection. We're also looking to give everyone who owns an OG Gawdly Crew Neck Sweater a discount on the new OG Collection once it opens in 2020.

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Today we celebrate the true freedom of an oppressed people. My people, our people, good people. And we celebrate that today with our piece of kindness and generosity. So the first 5 people to purchase a Gawdly Crew Neck today in any color or size will receive a FREE GAWDLY PILLOW with purchase ! Enjoy the gifts and discounts but more importantly enjoy your freedom !

* * * * Extending the Gawdly reach with more amazing products ! This throw pillow is perfect to turn any room and or area into a Gawdly resting place to put your head after a long day of creating and maintaining. Be sure to grab some comfort today, place your order and join the Gawds !

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Previous events

Marvillous Beats & Friends Dupont Underground

 —  —

Dupont Underground, Maryland

This show will feature super talented friends Len Lama, Jesse Scott III, Jus Paul and Kontrolled Khaos.

Drinks available and live painting.

Back Draft Concert + The Dark Knight Album 2 Release Party

465 Seneca Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385-1642, United States, Queens, New York

This is going to be a great show. I get to rock the stage with some amazing talent and open for Bruse Wayne who will be having a release party for his newest album "The Dark Knight" 2

I would love to see some familiar faces in the crowd as this will be a large venue for me and a great place for good energy and amazing people.

Be sure to follow the provided links for purchase your tickets in advance. If you have any troubles purchasing a ticket be sure to let me know and I can work something out for you. I wan your presence more than I want you more lol.

Wah Gwaan Launch Party - Music & Food !

 —  —

Wah Gwaan Taco Pecos, 915 Wyckoff Avenue, Ridgewood, NY11385 - 5353, U.S.11, Queens, New York

Wah Gwaan NYC ! NEXT SUNDAY ! July 14th Big Fitz Entertainment & @WahGwaanNYC presents The Summer Warm Up @Trans.Pecos from 2-6pm. Launching @wahgwaannyc a Jamaican Taco Experience. RSVP to the link provided for some tacos and music.


@hymnlegendary @rissbel @Seanjxhnsxn @interanationalea @eyeofthelama @SirScottThe3rd @cellmilli @Onlyvada

Go Africa Carnival 2019

 —  —

Harlem, New York

Themes for this year are unique, innovative & fresh

Celebrating African, African-American & Caribbean cultures from all parts of the world

This year’s Carnival bring new artists up to 3 stages throughout both days of the event thus providing something fresh and exciting for all New Yorkers.

The Go Africa Master Chefs will be on 8 grills cooking up African, Caribbean, and American specialties for the duration of the street festival.

The Go Africa Master Chefs will be cooking it up in addition to the other featured food merchants at the street Festival to increase your food choices and eating pleasures.

We will also be selling Beer, Wine and special beverages during the event.

There will be three (3) stages showcasing dance, art, music and dress from various regions throughout Africa and the Caribbean with direct participation from the African community & Cultural groups, consulates and embassies from the city’s five boroughs an NY Region.

Grand Marshall & Master of Ceremonies

We are proud and honored for the Go Africa Carnival 2019 to announce the Following:

The Honorable Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President will serve as the Grand Marshall for this marque event

The Showcase Tour - New York

Blackthorn 51, 80-12 51st Ave, Elmhurst, NY 11373, Queens, New York

The Showcase Tour in 2016 with the desire to give every artist a platform to showcase their a live any city.

Judges at each Showcase score every performance and choose the top 3 performers to win our prizes. All 1st place winners, from July 2018-June 2019, will be invited to perform at our Finale and compete for the Grand Prize!

Hip Hop Seazon Rookie Of The Year Open Mic

 —  —

Nuyorican Poets Cafe, 236 EAST 3RD ST. NEW YORK, NY 10009, Manhattan, New York

HipHop Seazons Rookie Of The Year is a great place and platform for all artist. They offer the opportunity for local and growing artist to perform and express their art to the inner city and patrons of Manhattan and all over. I encourage all artist if they can to come out to this event support the artist returning or jumping on stage for the first time. In addition to possibly experiencing the stage for yourself.

2019 Showcase Tour

Blackthorn 51, 80-12 51st Ave, Elmhurst, NY 11373, Queens, New York

The Showcase Tour is a concert series and competition that takes place in the United States and Canada. We offer artists a unique opportunity to perform in over 50 cities. At each show, the audience in the venue and watching our live stream online, vote for their favorite artist. The artist with the most votes will win the competition and move on to perform at another show! At the end of each tour, special guest judges will listen to 1 song by each winner. The judges will select the most talented artist to win our Grand Prize: a free tour with travel and hotel provided by The Showcase Tour!

The goal is to help the most talented artists reach new audiences and expand their fan base by showcasing their music in different parts of the world.

Join the Gawds ! This mailing list will change everything.

Joining this mailing list will be like no other. I will use this platform to of course share all of my latest content plus: deals, exclusive releases, discounts, gifts and much more. In addition I will use this network to connect liked minds, artist, producers etc. This is more than a mailing list once apart of it you will become attached to large body of work, people, connections and opportunities.




Jesse Scott III a.k.a. Sir.Scott The 3rd

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is a culmination of records that have been created over the last year. This project is filled with heavy drum patters and hard hitting kicks that are sure to shake the speakers and your headphones. Every record on this project holds and projects its own unique energy. The lyrics presented on GAWD FOREVER V.1 is a stew of personal references, interpretations, the journey through life, personal flaws, fun and much more. Be sure to dive deep into this one and really get to know this project. It will live out a long life as I intend to fuel this fire. So be apart of the very first installment.


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Jesse Scott III

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