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It's been some time in the making and I'm proud to announce that all the hard work has come to a head and paid off. Join us up top and become a #Gawd today. Be sure to show your full support by posting a picture or video with your #Gawdly merch on any and all social platforms. Thank you to all of the #Gawds who show support and love. Be sure to spread the word and the message. There's more to come so be on the look out.

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2019 Showcase Tour

Blackthorn 51, 80-12 51st Ave, Elmhurst, NY 11373, Queens, New York

The Showcase Tour is a concert series and competition that takes place in the United States and Canada. We offer artists a unique opportunity to perform in over 50 cities. At each show, the audience in the venue and watching our live stream online, vote for their favorite artist. The artist with the most votes will win the competition and move on to perform at another show! At the end of each tour, special guest judges will listen to 1 song by each winner. The judges will select the most talented artist to win our Grand Prize: a free tour with travel and hotel provided by The Showcase Tour!

The goal is to help the most talented artists reach new audiences and expand their fan base by showcasing their music in different parts of the world.

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The Cure

Jesse Scott III aka @SirScottThe3rd

This record hits home and was written during one of the harder times in my life. As I always have and will continue to express myself though several forms, music has always been the one avenue in which I shine and feel the most comfortable letting it all go. This record is a perfect example of just that.

Mixed & Mastered by the great @Resepct.JB

Be sure to follow me on all social platforms to stray connected and updated.

@SirScottThe3rd - IG @JesseScott3rd - Twitter Search Jesse Scott III on Spotify and all other streaming platforms.

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#BubbleWrap - The Beat Package

Jesse Scott III aka @SirScottThe3rd

This is a beat package delivered to you via the headphone express route. Please be sure to never return to sender as this package may spontaneously com-bust do to the movement of such an explosive package. Handle with care and be sure to not read the instructions. Please play at loud volumes in all quiet neighborhoods. Thank you - Management

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