AVO : A Healthy Beat Tape

Jesse Scott III aka Sir. Scott The 3rd

AVO : A Healthy Beat Tape

This is a simple beat tape put together with a few old beats that have been laying dormant in addition to some revisited old flames. These beats/productions are unique and for sure carry a different vibe from the style of production that is so popular in todays music world. . These productions can be used by any and all from Rappers, Singer, Shirt Films. Commercials, Instagram post/stories, Background music, Scores, Etc. . Be sure to join the mailing list for more great gifts, give a ways and exclusives. . Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated :

@SirScottThe3rd @JesseShootMe @JesseScott3rd . *ALL BEATS ARE FREE FOR ANY USE !!!

Requirements: If you download and or use any of these beats all that I ask is you grant me production credits in addition to a s shout out on any social platforms in which you choose to release your project.

Credit : @SirScottThe3rd x www.JesseJamesScott.com

Thank You and Enjoy !!!

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