3rd & 9th Live @ The Nublu Classic

Nublu , 62nd Avenue C, New York City, New York City

Be sure to catch 3rd & 9th on Fathers Day this year @ the Nublu Classic ! It's going to be a great event filled with amazing artist, live music and good vibes.

Be sure to buy your tickets now and save yourself a couple of bucks at the door !

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3rd & 9th Down The East Tour

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3rd & 9th will be touring this year starting in New York and ending in Atlanta ! Be sure to stay updated and follow the tour via IG @ThirdandNinth or www.ThirdandNinth.com

Be sure to follow all 3 members for a up close and personal behind the scenes look on all that we do. Handles listed below :

@ThirdandNinth @Marvillousbeats @SirScottThe3rd @EyeofTheLama


Jesse Scott III

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